So you want to bleach and color your locs?

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Red and Proud

Red and Proud

Let me be first to say that I’m not a “loctician” or some glorified loc guru. No…nonono, no. I’m a frugalista if you haven’t learned by now. A DIY-er, a crafter, a….broke women, don’t you know. THEREFORE, I must do things on my own while upholding a certain quality for my professional career. Understand where I’m coming from? Okay. Let’s get to it.

1) Go to your local beauty supply store and ask to be directed to the aisle with the bleaching agent. If they don’t know what you’re talking about, you may want to find another associate, lol! Other terms, such as color-stripping or lifting the color may also be useful. I have multiple bleaching products: some in powders where you mix with other stuff, agents that come already mixed, yada yada. I opt for anything that is already mixed because, simply put, I’m lazy. Also, not that I could not adequately mix the product, but this will also help with consistency if it is already packaged this way. Afterwards, pick that bright color you wanted. After all, if you wanted a hint or tint of color or dyeing your locs a darker color you wouldn’t be reading this post, right? I hope so. Once you got this step completed go to the next. Note: It would be AWESOME if you could purchase a hooded dryer from Wal-mart (it would be cheaper than getting one from the beauty supply store). Believe me, it comes in handy with those who have (or have not) locs.

2) Go ahead and prep your locs and your bathroom because it’s about to get messy. I’m not about to repeat everything over, so you might to read up my post “Dying to Dye: Tips for Dyeing Locs“. Yep.

3) Follow the instructions  with the bleaching agent to the T. Just that simple. Believe me, it’s not as scary as you think.

4) Apply the color, follow the instructions. My favorite product so far is the one I said in my post “Dyeing Your Locs Red“. Put on a shower cap, let it set for 15-30 minutes, preferably under a hooded dryer as stated before.

Bright, including that thumb in the picture.

Bright, including that thumb in the picture.

Covered wet, freshly dyed locs in a t-shirt wrap.

Covered wet, freshly dyed locs in a t-shirt wrap.
The back of the T-shirt Wrap

The back of the T-shirt Wrap

Bright red locs, ladies and gents.

Bright red locs, ladies and gents.

The dryer is not a pleasant experience for me. It appeared to be drying more than my locs.

The dryer is not a pleasant experience for me. It appeared to be drying more than my locs.

Front of T-Shirt Wrap

Front of T-Shirt Wrap

I am P!SSED!!!!! My Locs are Thinning

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FrustrationYO! DUDE! WTF! and whatever new slang kids are saying nowadays.  Basically, @*%&#!!! I am FURIOUS!!! At first I had noticed, then I worried, then I was unsuccessful, now I am furious!!!! My locs…in the front….are thin…like balding thin…like I’m touching patches of skin thin. Before motherhood, my front was good. I had problems here and there, but overall–good. Let’s fast forward to me finding out was pregnant in May 2011. I was awesome. I had the motherhood glow going on and my hair was just growing out the wazoo. Again, awesome. Let’s fast forward again, but this time after my daughter was born. The only disappointment I had at this time was that my weight did not melt off like it was supposed to because I had that dern C-section. I say 6 months later (about June 2012), the joys of motherhood (I am being sarcastic by the way) kicks in. I notice that my hair has thinned out more than the previous year (not to mention my little one has pulled out a couple of locs in the front). In September 2012, I was like “Whoa, but I got this. I can do it.” Pssbbbbbt. Yeah, whatever. NOW, my poor locs are barely holding on in the front. Shut the front door or burn it one, because I’m ticked. When I first started my blog in like what 2010 (2009? I’m getting older) ANYWAY, I was like queen mother-freaking guru when people came to me with the thinning problem, like “Yes, my child, thinning comes and goes. You must be one with your locs and repair it through natural, essential oils and do this and do that…” BULL****. I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, but now….NOW that I have experienced the urgency and the concern that these people have came to me with this, I can hear and see the frustration in their emails and posts. Just a side note, if at any point I appeared insensitive or as if I didn’t understand how you felt, please…PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE forgive me. What’s that saying? You never know how it is until you walked a mile in someone’s shoes? Well ladies and gents, I have felt I have ran–not walked–a marathon. And I’m TiReD. I’m tired of my locs looking discombobulated. I hope I spelled that right, because I’m too “tight” (as my old New York friend used to say) to even bother using spell check. My left front lobe is aching, I’m slumped in a chair, looking at my soon to be 2 year old daughter with thick, full, delicious hair. Yes, I said delicious, hair. Frizz and all.  I will pull myself together eventually and do what I always do: find a solution on a budget. But until then, I’m setting this keyboard on fire to vent my frustration. Thanks for listening.

While I’m at it, I’m going to let you guys see my 2012 pics and maybe later I’ll upload my 2013 pics.

September 2012

September 2012

September 2012

September 2012

Have you forgot? Locs Are Sexy

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Yaaaaaaaaaaas! Work it, mama!

I know you have met those jackholes that just stare at your locs or look at them as filthy pieces of rope. Yup… I know, I know. I wish we could round them up too and hang them by their toenails, but that wouldn’t get anything accomplished. BUT what about those times you strolled somewhere in public and have someone compliment your locs?  Makes you want to catwalk something awful right in the middle of the building, don’t it!?  The point is this: Locs are sexy. Always. Sometimes it’s hard and you may feel a little stuck in a rut and need something fresh to make you wave them lovely locs. Try something new like:

  1. A fresh wash and retwist. There’s nothing like locs that have been washed and retwisted. Feel that breeze on your scalp! 
  2. Add some curls, crimps, or some other new  cute style.
  3. Add an accessory or stylish hat.
  4. Plan a sexy night out and do numbers #1  and #2 WITH a new sexy outfit. What?! Nobody ain’t going to have nothing to say! (Disclaimer: I’m from North Carolina and we do, at times, use double even triple negatives when we get excited)
  5. Try a new color. It’s easier now than ever to try a new color. Red, burgundy, honey blonde, etc. Color is in! Try coloring your tips, half or all of your locs. And if you don’t like it, you can always redye your hair black (or whatever the original hair color).
  6. Everyone has neglected their locs at one time or another. Take a new pride in your locs and improve the condition of your hair. Keep it moisturized and maintained. Within a month or so you should see a difference.
  7. If you have the money, have someone else pamper your locs. No work or stress on your part. All together now: Ahhhhhhh! Feels nice.
  8. Post your pics on your profile on facebook, twitter, or in a locs interest group and show off your locs. Guarantee it makes you feel like a million bucks to have people “Like” and comment on your locs.

Still feeling a little blah about your locs? Maybe it’s because of your health. If you’re not healthy, your locs are not healthy. This means you should be getting enough:

  1. Rest; at least 7 hours each night.
  2. Nutrients. If not, get a multivitamin, supplements, and some omega-3 in your diet stat!
  3. Exercise, which actually releases those feel-good hormones into your body. Not to mention you get to shape up and boost your confidence about your overall appearance as well.
  4. Self-care. Doesn’t make sense to have beautiful locs and ashy skin, tart breath, and jacked up clothes does it? Pamper yourself, including those claws.
  5. Fun. Stress will not only release cortisol (a stress related hormone) into your body, but raise your blood pressure and thin your hair out. Don’t believe me? If your body isn’t doing it on its own, you’re physically doing it yourself. When you’re in deep thought or stressed do you twirl your locs, scratch your head, twist-retwist, pull, or any of the sort to your locs? Now think about how many times you do this per day during stressful moments. Mmm-hmm.

Did I miss something you do to get your sexy back? I would love to hear it!!

Dyeing Your Locs Red

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This is the exact red I used for my current color.

I’ve ALWAYS loved burgundy as a hair color. Red has also grown on me a lot since especially since Rihanna has been wearing it like the diva she is. So, you guys, I’m not longer honey blonde. I’m now a Redhead. I really love it, but word of caution. Red haircolor fades so much faster than other colors. I kid you not. That is not a myth and is very much true. Alright, alright, I’ve finished babbling. Let’s get to it. If you haven’t read my other blog post for “Tips for Dyeing Locs” then you may want to check it before you actually dye your locs because the information on this post is just a brief overview of what I did to get the red color.

To begin, if you hair color is dark you may have to lift your color.  They have products that lift your hair color in beauty stores, but since I’m not a hairdresser (lol) and don’t want to mix chemicals that I’m not familiar with I’ve chose another method. I was already honey blonde for a while. So really, my haircolor was already lifted. The product I used for this “lift” was the Clairol Honey Blonde.

Afterwards, you can use a dye of your choice. I used “Creative Image Adore 68 Crimson.” Which was absolutely awesome. It wasn’t a fire truck red, but a deep red. The picture of the dye I used is in the first picture of this post. I purchased it from the beauty supply store and believe it or not, it is significantly cheaper than the Clairol–like $3 cheaper! They have multiple shades of red, too. SO… follow the instructions for dyeing.  Now, what I’ve learned from a hairdresser to set the haircolor is directly after dyeing your dreads, put on a shower cap and sit under a hood dryer for 15 to 30 minutes. If you don’t have one, get one. It’s like $30 bucks from Wal-Mart–$29.97 to be exact. It’s collapsible so it doesn’t take up space (see pic below).

Hood Dryer in collapsed and open positions. I actually have this hood dryer 🙂

The Results

1st Trimester Preggers & Honey Blonde

After-baby & Redhead (this is 2-3 months after my locs were dyed)

So you don’t want to use shampoo…

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A person on the Yahoo! Answers forum asked the question:

“What can I use if I wanted to cleanse my dreadlocks without soap or shampoo?”

My answer at that time was:

“Do you want to clean your scalp and your locs dreadlocks or just your dreadlocks? If you are having issues with just your scalp, you can use witch hazel or some other astringent with a q-tip. If you want to thoroughly clean your scalp and dreadlocks you can use apple-cider vinegar and water concoction. You can find a recipe online depending on the strength you want to use. It cleans very well..and no you won’t smell like potato salad if you thoroughly rinse it out.”

Another poster to this forum suggested this:

“You can use a mix of baking soda and witch hazel or baking soda and water mix the two together to make a thin paste or cloudy liquid and put in a squeeze bottle. You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil, lemon juice, or sage/rosemary oil. I have also heard of people using strong herbal teas made out of cleansing herbs like milk thistle, chamomile, sage. Also investing in a high power water pressure detachable shower head (you can get one at Lowe’s/home depot), the strong water pressure has the ability to penetrate the locks and remove debris and oils with warm/hot water.”

Hmm, very wise dear anonymous one, very wise.

Do you have any more tips??

Tips For New Loc’ers

•September 7, 2012 • 11 Comments

Loc’ers, Lockers…Get it? Hardy har har. Yeah. I know. It was lame (-_-)

The pride you get from your new locs is undescribable…but the frustration ain’t. I’m sure you got your new locs and have found after a couple of days–if not the first night–unsure of some things. Okay, a lot of things. The fact that you’re annoyed says quite a bit, but for the most part it says, “You’re on the right track.” Everyone with locs has had and continues to have these moments. So here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Keep your locs covered while you are at home with satin scarf/bonnet. It will keep a lot of lint and whatnot out your hair. Not to mention, if you happen to lay down, this will decrease the amount of unwinding/unraveling.
  2. Don’t use grease or beeswax. If so, use at your own peril.
  3. Do not let people tell YOU how YOUR hair is. You’ve lived with your hair all your life and know what works or not.
  4. DO pay close attention to how your dreads are maintained, so you can learn to do them on your own (just in case you don’t want to keep paying that money or if you are in a bind).
  5. Do wash at least once monthly. Contrary to belief, clean locs lock faster than dirty ones.
  6. If you must wash your hair, use a stocking cap (Read my post about washing baby locs).
  7. Do not use a lot of product when you twist your dreads.  A little product goes a long way.
  8. Do NOT overtwist your dreads. It will thin the root.
  9. Do not be a product junkie, lol. Stick with the products that work bests for you!
  10.  Do try natural oils such peppermint, coconut, jojoba, tea tree oil, et cetera. Shea butter is great, too!
  11. Expect your hair to unravel a little. It’s a normal thing. Don’t fret, you will learn to contain it after a while. It’s not as hard as you think!
  12. Try to keep your locs in its natural position for now. Styles will come in due time. You don’t want to undo any progress/locking.

Do you have any more suggestions???

How to wash the devil (beeswax) out of your Locs

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Before you even ask, the answer is “yes,” that white stuff you see coming out of your locs is beeswax mixed with whatever else in your locs. Anyone who knows me or has read my posts can complete my sentence, ” Beeswax is the _______!” If you haven’t learned by now, it’s the devil. Beeswax has been used traditionally in the past on locs. For a while, this was the way that most people did. But with time and deliverance, people has learned how the beester, the beesmeister, the big “B” is sneaky, attracts nothing good (i.e., dirt, pollutants, etc) and a pain to get rid of. Sound like a particular entity? I figured you would understand the correlation.

So how do you get this crap out of locs once the damage is done? Well, let’s start with addressing the problem:

First, PLEASE do NOT believe this myth—>”The only real effective way to get beeswax out is to cut the dreads off.” Please do not do this because this is not true. You can wash out the beeswax.

Do not use petroleum/latum-based products. Twist with holding gels and then pin the dreads down with duckclips; that will keep the root twisted. You can even followup with a holding spray (White Rain will suffice, you don’t need that expensive stuff even though I love John Frieda’s!). Just be sure to do a light mist with the spray. Be sure to also use a small amount of gel because a little product goes a long way. The plus to using these items: They wash out much easier than beeswax and other petroleum products.Moisturize your hair with oils (such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, et cetera), shea better, and stuff of that nature. It will do you some good.

Time for the washing:

Baking soda and water. You can start out by putting the baking soda on the root of your locs (make sure to rub in a generous amount). Spray your locs with water. This should attack the residue at the root. You can also use a clear, clarifying shampoo. The main purpose of this shampoo is wash gunk out of your hair. You can find one at your local Wal-mart (products like Pantene, heck, the Equate brand works great, too! I use it!), beauty supply store, or Dollar General. I’m going to let you know now that you are probably going to do a couple of rounds of shampooing before you feel any difference. You could also do an ACV (apple-cider vinegar) rinse. This WILL thoroughly clean your locs. Believe me, lol. No, you won’t smell like potato salad afterwards if you wash it out your hair. You may want to do this before using clarifying shampoo.

Do y’all have any more tips I can add???