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There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a website where you are desperately trying to find the answer to a nagging problem and to no avail, you leave the site even more frustrated than you began. If there is something that you want more information about, want me to post, to explore, or just simply want me to talk about… just leave a message in the comments. I’m open to suggestions!!

6 Responses to “Didn’t Find What You Were Looking For?”

  1. I have had my locs for three to four years and it seems as though my locks never stay together at the root. I can go to the salon and have my hair retwisted and in a week the hair at the root is coming out. So basically after 10 or 11 days. I look like I have a afro with locs coming out of it. 😦 it is really depressing. This is my first question. Secondly
    I have gone to atleast three different salons. Some who only use oil in the twisting process to others who use wax and Hold gel to twist. So I recently came from the salon who only uses oil to twist hair and they tell me that it is due to my scratching my scalp and that i am breaking the haiur off at the root with so much scratching….So okay I thought about this anmd really paid attention to how much I was scratching. I have noticed that after I get my hair done after about two days my scalp itches terribly and I am scratching all the time but when I am a week or more after a trip to the salon it doesn’t itch as much..I thought this was really crazy. Wouldn’t it make more sense that IO would be scratching only after my hair has not been washed in two weeks and not directly after a wash???
    So then at my next appointment where the loctician looked at my hair again she said the same That I needed to stop scratching because I was breaking off my hair so I said ok my hair itches. What am I supposed to do for it not to itch, so that I would not scratch. She says to make sure my hair was always moisterized. No Problem so I go out to the store and buy tea tree oil, peppermint oil and shea butter oil. I tried each one separatly for a week but I still have itching. So I am begining to think maybe it is the shampoo she is using…oh well I’m not sure.
    My questions are how can I have my locs hold longer after being twisted and HOW CAN I STOP THE ITCHING????

    • Have you heard of interlocking? I do this keep my locs from unraveling at the root. I have a post talking about interlocking . I would suggest looking up this method on YouTube. Also, on my Journey post, there are two posts named “Dry Spell” and “Cured Dry Spell.” Products with menthol really help especially if you find one like the Jamaican Mango and Lime where you can spray directly on the itchy spots. There was one year (after I did these post) I had the most worrisome dryness ever! I had to use the forbidden petroleum jelly directly on my scalp for 2 weeks! Let’s start there and see what happens! If it doesn’t work, come back, and we’ll look at some other things!

  2. I’ve had loc extensions for 11 months now. My question is are they more damaging ? I wanted locs, the so called Loctican I went to told I had to cut my hair to get to my natural state . Keep me mind I had been perm free for two years but I had been doing kertein treatments. She cut my hair then applied weave and said it would temporary until my hair buds. Since then I’ve had espoides where they unravel you can see the braid underneath it’s really getting aggravating. I just really don’t want to go thru the short phase. What would you suggest?

    • Loc extensions can be damaging if they are not installed correctly or if the extension is heavier than what the root can hold. The loctician you talked about does not appear as if she is knowledgeable about natural hair as she could not identify that your hair was already in a natural state (did she even ask?). If you’re not satisfied with your loc extensions, you may need to find someone else that can do them. Other people have tried another alternative with yarn braids. They do look similar to locs as the braids are hidden by the texture of the yarn (I’ve install a couple myself for problem areas at times). Also, people leave them in so that they can lock their natural hair. People typically just palm roll the new growth as it grows out.

      • Thank you very much for your input. Now I just need to find someone in the Atl area to tend to them.

  3. I found this very helpful n informative thanx so much!

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