(Problems/Solutions)Dyeing Help: Overfried Dreads

There was someone who asked a question about how to restore their dreads after dyeing. The question:


restore my hair so that it can be strong again and to kkep it from being dry, please help”

 I replied with this:

“What may of happened is that some of the dyeing product was left in your dreads and has been eating away at your dreads. So… let’s get to it.

1- I’m assuming that your dreads are mature enough to handle washing. So, you need a good clarifying shampoo (like Pantene Clarifying shampoo, it’s clear. That’s what you want; a clear shampoo that works). You may need to wash your dreads a couple of times to get any product out.

2- Even though I do not use a lot of conditioner (maybe once a month), I do use it when I think my dreads may need it. Therefore, after shampooing find a thick, (all natural if you can find one), conditioner that doesn’t have all that perfume in it and cover your dreads. Then put a shower cap over them and leave in for approximately 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse well! You will probably notice a difference in the way your dreads will feel.

3- Towel blot (not rub!) your dreads. Wrap the towel around your dreads and squeeze (not twist) the water out. Spray or apply tea-tree, olive, peppermint, OR SOME KIND OF HAIR OIL (lol) to your dreads. Don’t overdo it, where it’s dripping down your neck. Apply it to the root and the length of your dreads. Let your dreads AIR DRY.

4-For the next month or so, refrain from tugging or putting your dreads in ponytails. NO overprocessing either with any method you use to maintain your dreads (like backcombing, latching, interlocking, twisting). Meaning, wait bi-weekly or even monthly if you can to redo your dreads.

5- Moisturize weekly; daily if you notice that you dreads are dry. A lot of attention needs to go towards the root of your hair so that you can encourage more healthy hair to grow.

Change isn’t going to come immediately, but you should start to see a difference after a week or two.”

**Tip (5/17/10): You can purchase “neutralizing shampoo” from Wal-mart or a beauty supply store. It’s the same kind of shampoo that is used in perm or dye kits to neutralize/cancel out/deactivate/clean out leftover chemicals.

~ by My4tress on January 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “(Problems/Solutions)Dyeing Help: Overfried Dreads”

  1. What great advice sis I love it…

  2. […] Overprocessing (updated 1.30.10) -I know you want your locs to be fresh, but don’t overdo it. Twisting your locs daily can actually lead to thinning the root and, if you’re not careful, thin the loc. So try to shoot for weekly or bi-weekly; heck, go for a month. The key to less frizz is to sleep nightly with a satin scarf, du-rag, or bonnet. Scratching could be the culprit, too. Try to use the end of a rat-tail com, hair pin, or something similar. You can pinpoint the itch more effectively this way. Using your nail/finger can disturb the root and start frizz. -Dyeing your locs is fine if you want to do it, but make sure you wash all of the product out of your locs. Not doing so will allow the dye to eat away at your locs until you completely wash out the product. I have tips here (Dying to Dye) & (Overfried Dreads). […]

  3. Im a big fan of your website. I have dreads myself ( shout out to all da dread heads lol ) But to make a long story short i wanted to know what type of spray or something to get to keep dreads from being dry ? Because i plan on dyeing mines red to.

  4. Thank you for the tips about locs my locs are the same way their breaking out and dry all the time since i put a color or it may be the medications i’m taking my hair was growing so good i don’t what hapeen i’m so sad now about my locs i feel like start them all over

  5. Ok so im a lil confused i just started my dreads and all the research says no oil because it prevents locking and u need. Clean dry hair. what should i use to moisturize dont seem dry but i do want them.to look nice while they mature and moisturized not brittle

    • Hey Tina! The research is confusing and contradicting! Everyone has their own philosophy on starting/locking locs. Yes, clean locs faster than dirty ones. And yes, no one wants brittle locs. Understood! You can use so many different kinds: olive oil, jijoba, tea tree oil, peppermint, spearmint, etc. The trick is avoiding drowning your locs in oil. To do this i used two methods. One, you could use a squeeze bottle that you can purchase from the beauty supply store really cheap. Click on this URL to see the picture: https://my4tress.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/dsci0015.jpg?w=300&h=225 Or you can buy a cheap spray bottle from a dollar store and put the oil in there. Thicker oils work better in the squeeze bottle and lighter oils work great in spray bottles. Hope this helps!

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