Pregnancy & Locs: Spit Up in Your Hair

I am now a new mommy. With this comes new territory…and new threats to the locs. This post is not so much to teach anyone anything, but moreso for me to vent and identify with other parents who have or will experience this inevitable circumstance. So…without further adu ado adoo adieu, I will now let you know what I have found through this “comedic act” by my infant daughter (which only she finds funny)called: spitting up in mommy’s hair.

SOME way, SOME how my locs manages to get into the trajectory path of my daughter’s bouts of spitting up. Did I inform you that my daughter had terrible reflux after every feeding? Because I don’t think you get the idea of the frequency of how much this happened. What’s worse is the amount that would ooze and soak my locs. Seriously, going to work with dried spit up in your hair is not only lame, but also questionable. Can we say awkward stares from male coworkers?

Oh, you think this is a simple task to avoid? Let me advise you that baby throw up is not easily resolved by a wet/damp cloth applied to the locs. Ohhhh noooooo, of course it wouldn’t be that simple. You will have to thoroughly soak your locs in water or you have to wash them. And to do this daily was a chore. What was that? Put your locs in a ponytail or a bun? Two things with this: (1) My locs are to the point where a ponytail even put high upon the crown of my head will touch my shoulders (2) my locs NEVER stay completely within the bun. The stragglers falls right out into the line of fire.

After some time I just said eff it… If it happens, it happens and if don’t, it don’t. Because being a new mommy, trying to maintain your sanity, and trying to scrap for all the sleep you can get is worth more at times than aesthetics. It’s 7 months after having my daughter and I’m JUST starting to put makeup back on. It’s THAT serious. Sidenote: I commend all parents with locs (mommies and daddies) who are actively taking care of their own or someone else’s children.

So what did you do to avoid the warm drips of toruture??


~ by My4tress on August 28, 2012.

3 Responses to “Pregnancy & Locs: Spit Up in Your Hair”

  1. I haven’t had the issue of my 7 month old spitting up in my locs, but I am experiencing/overcoming postnatal shedding. My edges are particularly ratty looking. Sad too because I’m enjoying length now (my locs are approximately 3 years old), but I have to be careful pulling them back and putting them up. But then letting them hang is an issue because little one loves to yank and pull on them. It was endearing at first, but now its straight torture!

    • OMGosh! I know what you mean!!! I thought it was just me!! Now I definitely have to write a post about this! My edges around my scalp are doing the same thing as yours. I, too, am LOVING the length of my locs, but pulling them back means showing the edges, which is embarrassing. Luckily, my lil girl is now 1 years old and has stopped holding onto my locs for comfort since she is infatuated with “toddling” around the house and hearing herself scream, lol. Thank you for the post and the inspiration to write again!

  2. My son had the SAME PROBLEM… Reflux was so bad my shirt was soaked once from him

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