Washing Your Baby Locs

You do not want to wash your locs frequently (i.e. every week or daily) since they are fairly young. You should wash your hair, at minimum, once a month. If you wash your hair every two weeks, fine—be careful. However, it’s not the washing you should be worried about; it’s how you wash your locs. Get a stocking cap or make one. Before you go into the shower (or if you are washing it in the tub/sink), put it on. Rub shampoo, conditioner, or whatever your preference, over the cap so that the product is getting in, but you are not rubbing your locs completely loose. Tip: Rub in one direction, such as from front to back with one hand, while holding the cap with the palm of your other hand. This way, the cap will not be moving everywhere! (video demonstration: scroll to bottom) After rinsing, squeeze the water out of your locs. Blot your locs dry with the towl. NO RUBBING. NONE. NADA. ZILCH. Those babies are gonna come loose if you rub the towel vigorously around your locs. Got it? Okay. If you have the time, I highly suggest letting your locs air dry. Spray some oil or moisturizer over your hair. *Find a spray bottle in Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or beauty supply store and mix your favorite moisturizer with a little water. If you have a spray bottle with the adjustable nozzle, be sure that the nozzle is screwed on close because you want a mist NOT a squirt/stream.


To secure your roots after you have twisted them, you can use hair pins while your locs are shorter/younger. I would advise you to use duck/two-prong clips (you can find the picture on my products page). They are much easier and quicker; to put in and take out.

Here’s a vid about washing your locs:


~ by My4tress on September 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Washing Your Baby Locs”

  1. Hello!
    I am inspired to start my locs and im interested in obtaining the fearless red locs you have, which look lovely by the way. Should I dye my hair before locing my hair? If so, what would be the best process?

    • Hi! Thank you for posting as well as your compliments! I’m glad that you love the color! It is very liberating! In regards to your questions, it depends on what you really want first. I would say color it first, which some people may disagree with me on that. I say this because, when you begin your locs, you are going to have so much more focus on keeping those locs moisturized, keeping them from unraveling, etc etc. If you wait to put the color in after your locs become “settled,” you’re going to be waiting for at least 6 months or more. However, if you want the best of both worlds, the color and the locs, I would suggest going ahead and dyeing your hair the color you want and then releasing full focus on beginning/maintaining your locs. I hope this helps!

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