Loc Styles using Braided Knots

A simple process to make a very cute locstyle. No rubberbands, no hairpins! You can style it in so many ways after unraveling the braids and knots!


~ by My4tress on August 30, 2009.

4 Responses to “Loc Styles using Braided Knots”

  1. I loved this look! I was looking for something simple to do on my 4 month old locs. Saw this on Friday, tried it on Saturday and was looking fly on Sunday! In the words of Nene (RHOA) Bam! Loves it keep ’em coming! THANKS gurl!

  2. i tried this! it came out pretty well. AMAZING when you put it up because its lose and kind of haphazard but very cute. 🙂

  3. I like this style braidouts are my staple hair style Maybe I am using wrong products my braidouts come out dry looking sometimes especially at the roots and frizzy at the ends I think last time the shampoo I used dried my hair out to much and i didnt condition afterwards I justed used a leave in conditioner jojoba oil and proclaim aloe vera gel my hair came out frizzy and dry looking well I will re do it I like your website any advice contact me when you have time I need a loc buddy

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