Locstyles with a Flip

It has a flipped curl in the front and regular curls in the back. You can add hair accessories while it’s down or in an updo!


~ by My4tress on August 26, 2009.

9 Responses to “Locstyles with a Flip”

  1. That’s Hot! Thanks for the idea.

  2. wow! that looks really good! my hair’s too short to do it now but the flip curls, i could play around with… really cool! B)

  3. That is hot — I didn’t think that my hair would curl. It long maybe a little longer than yours in your demo but I always leave it straight. I think I might try it. I m really looking for a hair style for my wedding. I was thinking of trying to take down some of the front for a swoop but now that I see I can create one with my locs I’m excited. That was helpful thank you.

  4. Wow this was very impressive and motivative to a girl who knows nothing about styling my hair. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks. You videos have been helpful. My locs are not as long as yours are in this video yet but I’m encouraged now to see it through to when they are.

  6. Love the flip style idea, just got some perm rods, going to try it today!

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