How to wash the devil (beeswax) out of your Locs

Before you even ask, the answer is “yes,” that white stuff you see coming out of your locs is beeswax mixed with whatever else in your locs. Anyone who knows me or has read my posts can complete my sentence, ” Beeswax is the _______!” If you haven’t learned by now, it’s the devil. Beeswax has been used traditionally in the past on locs. For a while, this was the way that most people did. But with time and deliverance, people has learned how the beester, the beesmeister, the big “B” is sneaky, attracts nothing good (i.e., dirt, pollutants, etc) and a pain to get rid of. Sound like a particular entity? I figured you would understand the correlation.

So how do you get this crap out of locs once the damage is done? Well, let’s start with addressing the problem:

First, PLEASE do NOT believe this myth—>”The only real effective way to get beeswax out is to cut the dreads off.” Please do not do this because this is not true. You can wash out the beeswax.

Do not use petroleum/latum-based products. Twist with holding gels and then pin the dreads down with duckclips; that will keep the root twisted. You can even followup with a holding spray (White Rain will suffice, you don’t need that expensive stuff even though I love John Frieda’s!). Just be sure to do a light mist with the spray. Be sure to also use a small amount of gel because a little product goes a long way. The plus to using these items: They wash out much easier than beeswax and other petroleum products.Moisturize your hair with oils (such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, peppermint oil, olive oil, et cetera), shea better, and stuff of that nature. It will do you some good.

Time for the washing:

Baking soda and water. You can start out by putting the baking soda on the root of your locs (make sure to rub in a generous amount). Spray your locs with water. This should attack the residue at the root. You can also use a clear, clarifying shampoo. The main purpose of this shampoo is wash gunk out of your hair. You can find one at your local Wal-mart (products like Pantene, heck, the Equate brand works great, too! I use it!), beauty supply store, or Dollar General. I’m going to let you know now that you are probably going to do a couple of rounds of shampooing before you feel any difference. You could also do an ACV (apple-cider vinegar) rinse. This WILL thoroughly clean your locs. Believe me, lol. No, you won’t smell like potato salad afterwards if you wash it out your hair. You may want to do this before using clarifying shampoo.

Do y’all have any more tips I can add???


~ by My4tress on September 5, 2012.

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