Tips For New Loc’ers

Loc’ers, Lockers…Get it? Hardy har har. Yeah. I know. It was lame (-_-)

The pride you get from your new locs is undescribable…but the frustration ain’t. I’m sure you got your new locs and have found after a couple of days–if not the first night–unsure of some things. Okay, a lot of things. The fact that you’re annoyed says quite a bit, but for the most part it says, “You’re on the right track.” Everyone with locs has had and continues to have these moments. So here are a few tips to help you out:

  1. Keep your locs covered while you are at home with satin scarf/bonnet. It will keep a lot of lint and whatnot out your hair. Not to mention, if you happen to lay down, this will decrease the amount of unwinding/unraveling.
  2. Don’t use grease or beeswax. If so, use at your own peril.
  3. Do not let people tell YOU how YOUR hair is. You’ve lived with your hair all your life and know what works or not.
  4. DO pay close attention to how your dreads are maintained, so you can learn to do them on your own (just in case you don’t want to keep paying that money or if you are in a bind).
  5. Do wash at least once monthly. Contrary to belief, clean locs lock faster than dirty ones.
  6. If you must wash your hair, use a stocking cap (Read my post about washing baby locs).
  7. Do not use a lot of product when you twist your dreads.  A little product goes a long way.
  8. Do NOT overtwist your dreads. It will thin the root.
  9. Do not be a product junkie, lol. Stick with the products that work bests for you!
  10.  Do try natural oils such peppermint, coconut, jojoba, tea tree oil, et cetera. Shea butter is great, too!
  11. Expect your hair to unravel a little. It’s a normal thing. Don’t fret, you will learn to contain it after a while. It’s not as hard as you think!
  12. Try to keep your locs in its natural position for now. Styles will come in due time. You don’t want to undo any progress/locking.

Do you have any more suggestions???

~ by My4tress on September 7, 2012.

11 Responses to “Tips For New Loc’ers”

  1. Is gel & comb coil a good idea for starter locs? If so, how do you deal with the drying gel? It’s only been a week & I can’t wait to wash it out!! I think my hair would loc easier without mounds of hair gel. Definitely finding a new loctitian until I’m able to do them myself. Any & ALL advise/suggestions are welcome

    • I apologize it took me so long to respond! Gel/comb twists are a good idea if you have like an inch of hair or shorter. But I’ve seen people with longer hair do it as well. Have you used an olive oil sheen or glosser? Those options are light and won’t add another a pound of product. Hope this helps!

  2. Thanks for this! I’m a newby and excited to start this journey. I hope that you will continue blogging.

    • Welcome to the loc’ed community! I hope it goes well for you. I will continue blogging and will try to do it regularly if my little one lets me, lol!

  3. Hello!!! I have been dreading for almost 6 months. I’m still not locked what gets me angry is it looks good for about 2 weeks then the hair dam near grows over my dreads.. I only retwist every 3 to 4 weeks. Is it anything else I can do?.

    • Hello, hello!!! Yes, you can put your baby locs inside of styles that will keep them contained. You twist, braid, or cornrow the locs and keep that in for a couple of weeks, then take out the locs and have a krinkly style; wear that for however long you can. By then it would be time to retwist. You can always spray your hair with water and oil of your choice and palm-roll singular locs (IN ONE DIRECTION, NOT BACK AND FORTH), to return the loose back into the loc. I would advise only doing this once or twice a week, not daily. Make sure you are sleeping with a satin cap (or du-rag) or satin pillow cases so this will not disrupt your locs (basically cause frizziness). The hair will glide against the satin versus cotton, where the hairs of the locs can be caught or rubbed out of the loc.

  4. I’m a newbie starting my loc journey using two strand twists for about 3 months now. I was initially transitioning so I still have a few inches of relaxed hair. I just found out about the dual method of interlocking and palm rolling, what are your suggestions for the frizziness/unruly-ness of the new growth and should I clip the remainder of my relaxed hair or leave it to include in the locs? Thanks in advance for any tips you can share.

    • Hello, hello! You had many of the same questions I had starting out. I, too, did the two strand twist with the relaxed ends. I clipped my ends as my locs grew, but I kick myself every time I think about it. I saw this one woman with locs who had permed ends who basically had beautiful small strawset-like curls at the end. I wish I had took a picture of it to show you! So really, the permed ends is your preference. Nowadays, everyone’s locs are more in a contemporary style and are maintained in numerous types of ways. In regards to palm-rolling and interlocking, I’m addicted. A few years ago, I went from only palm-rolling to this dual method. The thing I love most about it is that my roots, regardless if I wash my locs or swim, the root does not unravel. Interlocking is awesome, HOWEVER, you must refrain from overdoing it or you will thin your roots and the loc. In addition to this, if you do not do it properly you will end up with uneven locs or loops in your locs (which are not noticeable. Only would know). In regards to the frizz, I will eventually do a video (once I get another camera), to show how to wrap loose hairs or “frizz” that comes out of the locs directly back into it and how to secure it with a light gel. I’ve used the method since I’ve started my locs (don’t ask me why I never did a vid, lol).

  5. Thank you for your comments and feedback, I feel so much better, lol… I look forward to the video on frizz control.

  6. What do you do when your new locs begin to unravel? and what are the best ways to prevent itchy and dry scalp? I am struggling with this right now. It is irritating because when i was natural I was used to wetting, oiling, and moisturizing everyday. I just don’t know how to get a proper balance of this with newly started locs

    • In regards to your new locs unraveling, read my post Problems/Solutions: Unraveling Locs . Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Look at my Loc Products page and there is something with a picture of oil and applicator bottle. You will be able to moisturize your scalp without disturbing your young locks. Make sure to use a good oil of your choice like tea tree oil, coconut, peppermint, shea butter oil, etc. Let me know if I you need more assistance!

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