Washing Your Baby Locs

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You do not want to wash your locs frequently (i.e. every week or daily) since they are fairly young. You should wash your hair, at minimum, once a month. If you wash your hair every two weeks, fine—be careful. However, it’s not the washing you should be worried about; it’s how you wash your locs. Get a stocking cap or make one. Before you go into the shower (or if you are washing it in the tub/sink), put it on. Rub shampoo, conditioner, or whatever your preference, over the cap so that the product is getting in, but you are not rubbing your locs completely loose. Tip: Rub in one direction, such as from front to back with one hand, while holding the cap with the palm of your other hand. This way, the cap will not be moving everywhere! (video demonstration: scroll to bottom) After rinsing, squeeze the water out of your locs. Blot your locs dry with the towl. NO RUBBING. NONE. NADA. ZILCH. Those babies are gonna come loose if you rub the towel vigorously around your locs. Got it? Okay. If you have the time, I highly suggest letting your locs air dry. Spray some oil or moisturizer over your hair. *Find a spray bottle in Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, or beauty supply store and mix your favorite moisturizer with a little water. If you have a spray bottle with the adjustable nozzle, be sure that the nozzle is screwed on close because you want a mist NOT a squirt/stream.


To secure your roots after you have twisted them, you can use hair pins while your locs are shorter/younger. I would advise you to use duck/two-prong clips (you can find the picture on my products page). They are much easier and quicker; to put in and take out.

Here’s a vid about washing your locs:


Pregnancy & Locs: Spit Up in Your Hair

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I am now a new mommy. With this comes new territory…and new threats to the locs. This post is not so much to teach anyone anything, but moreso for me to vent and identify with other parents who have or will experience this inevitable circumstance. So…without further adu ado adoo adieu, I will now let you know what I have found through this “comedic act” by my infant daughter (which only she finds funny)called: spitting up in mommy’s hair.

SOME way, SOME how my locs manages to get into the trajectory path of my daughter’s bouts of spitting up. Did I inform you that my daughter had terrible reflux after every feeding? Because I don’t think you get the idea of the frequency of how much this happened. What’s worse is the amount that would ooze and soak my locs. Seriously, going to work with dried spit up in your hair is not only lame, but also questionable. Can we say awkward stares from male coworkers?

Oh, you think this is a simple task to avoid? Let me advise you that baby throw up is not easily resolved by a wet/damp cloth applied to the locs. Ohhhh noooooo, of course it wouldn’t be that simple. You will have to thoroughly soak your locs in water or you have to wash them. And to do this daily was a chore. What was that? Put your locs in a ponytail or a bun? Two things with this: (1) My locs are to the point where a ponytail even put high upon the crown of my head will touch my shoulders (2) my locs NEVER stay completely within the bun. The stragglers falls right out into the line of fire.

After some time I just said eff it… If it happens, it happens and if don’t, it don’t. Because being a new mommy, trying to maintain your sanity, and trying to scrap for all the sleep you can get is worth more at times than aesthetics. It’s 7 months after having my daughter and I’m JUST starting to put makeup back on. It’s THAT serious. Sidenote: I commend all parents with locs (mommies and daddies) who are actively taking care of their own or someone else’s children.

So what did you do to avoid the warm drips of toruture??

How to Use Those Dern Perm-rods!

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Man, it’s hard, but it’s gotta be done somehow!!

Making those Baby Hairs LAY DOWN!

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Yes, I actually use relaxer in this vid, but it’s not what you think!!! I know you dun wanna hear it, but it works! The good thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about applying it again for a very long while compared to using other products daily or weekly. Before doing this method, I try other methods such as gel, latch-hooking, palm-rolling, stringing, or interlocking these hairs and so forth. Also gel, whether holding gel or conditioning gel and a wave/stocking cap/scarf work temporarily (maybe until 11:00 that morning) and the frizz and stuff is back sticking up. Again, this is a once in a blue moon ordeal not everyday, monthly, or yearly. Occasionally. You don’t have to use this method, so please no comments about “You shouldn’t do that” or “It’s bad for your hair and skin.” Newsflash: I know this and I’m probably going to do it again in the future. Different things work for different people. Sometimes you have to do what you gotta do to make things work. 😀

Formal Locstyle When You’re in a Hurry

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I will do a vid for this soon, but I just wanted to show a cool do when you don’t have time to do curls and other stuff. All you need is a few regular hair pins and about 4 decorated hairpins. Here’s the pix:

Question & Answers

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Q: I’m black and thinking about dreading my own hair. At the moment, I have a lock it up gel that I plan on using. I’ve done a little research and everyone says you should wet your hair while twisting or backcoming it. How does wet hair affect the initial dreading process? If I decide to twist mine with dry hair, will it damage my hair?

My Answer:

1) Who told you that your hair has to be wet? lol.
(2) Using gel or oils is just fine. You don’t have to pack on gel, though. If anything, your hair being too wet will cause the strands to unravel while you are twisting or encourage breaking during backcombing.
(3) Wetness can actually inhibit the hairs from meshing properly because the hair becomes soft. That is why they encourage you to not wash your hair for a few weeks.
(4) Drying twisting your hair with a little gel is fine. I wouldn’t recommend your hair being unmoisturized (meaning, your hair shouldn’t be fried, overdried, or brittle).

Q: What the fastest way to grow dreadlocks?

My Answer:

It’s not a particular way to grow your hair “quickly.” This decides on your own biological hair growth rate; everyone’s is slightly different. However, proper maintenance is what gives you long, healthy locs. The better you take care of your scalp, root, and locs the better off your locs will be (and it then it will seem like your hair is growing really fast, lol).

Q: My question to you, can anyone start latching at any stage of there ocks? Take me, I’ve been loc’d for 29 months it will be 3 years come December, could I start latching? And final question, do you do a 3 pt or 4 pt rotation? Will you ever do a vid showing how to latch?

My Answer:

As far as your questions:

(1) I think people can start latching at any stage. The reason I say this is because I started my locs with the TST and palm-rolled. However, in November 2009 I started to interlock my locs and have been hooked every since. Basically, I interlock where is it matches the width of the lock; it’s not too tight or too loose. I think the most important thing to consider when changing methods is making sure there is a drastic change in the pattern of your locs. You want it where the size is consistent throughout the whole lock. You don’t want it to be loose/thicker at the root to the middle of the lock and thin/tight the rest of the way. The other way around would not look bad (tight at the root and thicker at the ends; this would like your locs are budding at the end). You have to play around with it a little bit to see what works. Believe me, it was just luck on the first try with me; not to mention, I experimented on the locs on the bottom and the back of my head.

(2) I’m not familiar with the 3- or 4- point rotation, lol. I just twist/palm-roll my locs in the same direction. Sometimes I pin them, sometimes I don’t, lol. That’s about it.

(3) I might show a vid on how to latch if I can learn how to do it without messing up my loc pattern. 😉 Good idea for a video, lol. Thanx!


Q: so yea, im black (incase relevant)…but i jus got my hair twisted for dreads n ive been hearing that spraying a mixture of warm water, lemon juice, n salt on ur dreads helps with the locking process.

My answer:

I’ve never used salt in my hair. Just so you know, salt isn’t the greatest for you locs, lol. It’s just like when you sweat after a workout or go to the beach you must wash your hair because of the salt. Now, I have heard of lemon juice and honey. I’ve used this concoction, but I didn’t see any big improvement/increase in locking my dreads. I just used regular gel, twisted them, pinned/clipped the dreads down, spray a little holding spray, and cover my hair with satin scarf/bonnet/cap to keep hair from catching and unraveling.

…oh yeah, just b/c ur black doesn’t change anything, hun. lol 😉


Q: i have dreads and i put beeswax to start my dreads and now when i get my hair wet it turns white where i put in the beeswax at im not cutting my hair or taking out my dreads so do this work or do you know what will


If you have any more questions, feel free to email me 😀

**I keep names/usernames anonymous so no one will feel embarrassed or exposed….unless the Q&A is on a public website such as Yahoo! Answers.  (^_^)

Problems/Solutions: Thinning Areas of the Lock

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